Released Neural Network Libraries v1.33.0! Enhancement in Vision & Language examples including CLIP and CLIPort, etc.

Monday, January 23, 2023


Posted by Takuya Narihira

We have released Neural Network Libraries v1.33.0!
Please see “Spotlight” section for important changes.


BugFix: Attribute error in numpy dtype aliases

In the latest numpy version, the deprecated dtype aliases including numpy.int & numpy.bool exipired. Any of the previous versions of nnabla no longer work (even just importing nnabla) unless you downgrade the numpy to a proper version. We fixed the problem in this version.

Distributed execution requires NCCL 2.10.2 or later

Now reduce operations over devices or nodes such as all-reduce in nnabla-ext-cuda depends on the newer versions of NVIDIA’s NCCL APIs (2.10.2 or later). Please make sure that you have an appropriate version. You don’t have to care about it if you use wheel binaries which bundle the required CUDA libraries.


Implement CLIPort

We add a new example of CLIPort.
CLIPort is a multi-task manipulation policy learning algorithm based on CLIP and Transporter!. Please try it!


Demo: CLIP zero-shot image classification in browser

You can quickly try zero-shot image classification demo using CLIP in browser. There are two options to run demos:

Link Note
Open In Colab Click this badge to run it on Colab. You don’t need to setup anything if you have Google account 😀
Web app You can quickly setup a web app (Gradio) in a Docker container just with a few steps on your machine.

CLIP gradio app





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