Released nnabla browser!

Thursday, April 14, 2022


Posted by Akio Hayakawa

We have released nnabla browser, a new visualization tool for Neural Network Libraries (NNL).
nnabla browser launches a server on your machine to analyze the model structure or training loss saved from NNL, enabling you to check them via your browser.

Easy and quick to start for everyone

You don’t need to set up a new OS or machine to access nnabla browser.
ALL you need is your NNL-enabled python environment.

pip install nnabla-browser
nnabla-browser --logdir /path/to/your_log_dir

Then, simply access localhost:8888 to see your experimental results from NNL.

Neural Network Console like usability

If you are more familiar with Neural Netowrk Console (NNC) but would like to try NNL for more complex tasks, nnabla browser is also the right tool for you, sine it provides NNC-like user interface, which helps you get started more easily.

For NNL users, NNC-like visualization will make your NNL experience even more efficient.

Easy to share results with your team

nnabla browser supports you to share your local experiment results with your teammates.
When nnabla browser is launched on your shared server, anyone in your team can quickly access it through any browser.


We believe nnabla browser will make NNL a more convenient and efficient deep learning library for you.
We appreciate any feedback and always welcome your contribution!
Click here and visit our github!