Released Neural Network Libraries v1.17.0!

Monday, March 15, 2021


Posted by shin

We have Released Neural Network Libraries v1.17.0! First-order motion model, StyleGAN2 distillation, Zooming Slow-mo, and deformable convolution have been added, along with new colab demos!


First-Order Motion Model

We have added first-order motion model, an image animation model where an object in a source image is animated according to the motion of driving video!

We have also added colab demos for this model(Open In Colab), where you can play around with your own image and video! Speaking of Colab demo, our new CenterNet colab(Open In Colab) is also available!

StyleGAN2 Distillation

We have added StyleGAN2 distillation model, which distills StyleGAN2 into image-to-image network trained in paired way, enabling gender swap, aging/rejuvenation, style transfer and image morphing, as in the following examples!

Old Young
More Attractive Less Attractive
Without Bangs With Bangs

Zooming Slow-Mo

We have implemented Zooming Slow-Mo, which generates a high-resolution (HR) slow-motion video from a low frame rate (LFR), low-resolution (LR) video, by performing both video frame interpolation (VFI) and video super-resolution (VSR)!

Original Zooming Slow-Mo Only Slow-Mo

Deformable Convolution / GPU

Deformable convolution enhances the transformation modeling capacity of CNNs, by augmenting the spatial sampling locations in the modules with additional offsets and learning the offsets from target tasks. Deformable convolution v2 is also included!