Released Neural Network Libraries v1.19.0!

Thursday, April 15, 2021


Posted by shin

We have released Neural Network Libraries v1.19.0!


Memory usage optimization

We have made the following optimizations to reduce memory usage during training of arbitrary networks:
– all functions delete input data unnecessary for backward computation after running forward computation.
– initial values of gradient data automatically created by the graph engine at the beginning of backward computation are deleted immediately after use.
– memory sharing (inplace) is performed separately for data and gradients, so that gradient data can be deleted more aggressively during backward.

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Bugfix: grad computation of linear functions

We have noticed implementation mistakes with our higher-order grandient descent added in v1.18.0, and have fixed the problem.

fix nnp_graph load hang up

We have noticed some cases of failing to load nnp files when using pre-trained models, and have fixed the problem.


JSI-GAN is a model that performs super-resolution and inverse tone mapping simultaneously, converting low-resolution, low dynaimc range image to high-resolution and high dynamic range. The model consists of three task-specific subnets; namely, image reconstruction (IR) subnet that reconstructs coarse HR HDR image, detail restoration (DR) subnet that restores details to be added on the coarse image, and a local contrast enhancement (LCE) subnet that restores the local contrast.





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